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This class is suitable for beginners. There is no pre-requisite to sign up to this class. With this class you will receive a total of 4 manuals! The following modules will be covered in the Classic manual:

Looking to start your career as a lash artist? Invidious Lashes provides eyelash extension training through our founder, Su Altunbas. We have masterclasses in both classic techniques and the Russian volume method – two styles that Su has mastered. And now, she’s offering to share her expertise with aspiring lash artists. 

Find out how to jumpstart your own business by taking one of our lash extension courses in Melbourne. Your new career adventure begins with the right class!

Classic Eyelash Training: The Foundation Of Lash Artistry

This classic eyelash training class is a must for beginners and does not require any pre-requisite training. Before you can learn more advanced techniques, this class will set you up with the right foundations so you can start a successful lash business.

This is a whole-day training module where you can learn eyelash extension training online and in small groups. There will be hands-on practice time with the help of mannequins and live models.

When you sign up for this class, you can expect to learn these vital basics of classic lash application:

Types of lash extensions

  • Lash adhesives and their applications
  • Taping methods and lash layering
  • Salon sanitation and proper hygiene standards
  • Lash extension aftercare
  • Choosing volumes and lengths for clients
  • Lash curl effects
  • Lash removal and infills

These are just some of the application techniques you’ll learn in our classic course. But we know that technical skill isn’t enough for a lash artist to succeed – they need to have a good sense for business, too. To help you launch your lash artist business, we also teach practical business skills in this class.

Here are some of the entrepreneur-oriented topics we cover in this eyelash extension course in Melbourne:

  • Tax obligations
  • Registering your lash business and its name
  • Obtaining licenses for salons or home-based operations
  • Record keeping and accounting tools
  • Different business structures

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the things you will learn from this basic class. To sign up for it, contact us and get your four training manuals. 

Russian Volume Training: Learn Cutting-Edge Techniques

Once you’ve mastered classic lash training, you can sign up for Russian volume training. This lash application technique uses special tweezers to create handmade lash fans. This is a special service that can only be offered by highly trained lash technicians, but the results are worth it: fluffy lashes that feel light on the natural lash.

Learning this method is a must if you want to move on to hybrid lash application, which combines classic and Russian volume techniques to create custom lash sets. Here are some of the things you can expect to learn in this eyelash extension course, both online and in person:

  • Key differences between classic and Russian volume extensions
  • Creating volume fans
  • Types of curls for Russian volume lashes
  • Lash weight allowances
  • Common mistakes in Russian volume extension applications
  • Refilling and removing extensions
  • Attaching and selecting adhesives
  • Pricing and length of time for sessions
  • Fanning techniques

Why Should I Get Lash Extension Training?

While there are many amazing lash technicians, there are also many who don’t have the right qualifications and produce shoddy work. Getting lash extension training will give you all the important skills and tools you need to become a qualified artist.

Extensive training will give your clients confidence in your abilities and ease their worries. If you know all the tips and tricks to create beautiful sets, it’ll be easy for you to give customers stunning lashes, earn their trust, and keep them coming back.

Satisfying your customers is key to customer loyalty and having a successful business – and growing your skillset is the key to customer satisfaction. Get your training from Invidious Lashes and perfect the craft! Soon, you will build a reputation as a talented lash artist and grow your business.

We’re Here For Every Step Of Your Journey

Even after your course, Invidious Lashes encourages you to stay connected with other lash artists who have taken our extension classes. Apart from regular practice sessions and small group classes, we also have a WhatsApp group where you can chat and swap tips. Ask questions, pick up new information, and get support while you learn this incredible new skill!

If you prefer to have a more personalised training course, we offer one-on-one classes for an additional fee. This is ideal for those who want more direct mentorship and hands-on training. 

Learn A New Skill And Become Business-Savvy With Us

Our goal is to give you the preparation and confidence you need to become a highly-trained, skilled lash technician. At Invidious Lashes, this means both application techniques and lash extension business basics. With our help, you will be fully prepared for your new career as a lash artist!

If you want to sign up for either of these two lash extensions courses, contact us! You can also send us an email or give us a call if you have more questions.

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This class is suitable for beginners. There is no pre-requisite to sign up to this class.
With this class you will receive a total of 4 manuals!
The following modules will be covered in the Classic manual:




This is a full day course where we will go through the theory together and there will be a practical assessment on a mannequin and on a live model.

All short courses are fee-for-service, this means they are not government funded. Payment plan options include Afterpay.
Full payment is required to secure your place prior to course commencement to ensure you receive all the required information to prepare for your first day.

Students need to arrange a model to come in for the practical assessment.

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